Milkovich Moments – Our Interview with Noel Fisher

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Here it is! Your very special #MilkovichMonday treat!


(photo via Noel Fisher on SeeMail)

Here at #TeamGallavich, we’re ALL about Ian & Mickey. We wanted to get a little insight into their characters, and we thought who better to get that from, than the actors who play them?

So, in between shooting season three of Shameless and starting the mania that will be promoting the final instalment of the Twilight Saga, we managed to get hold of the extremely lovely and talented Noel Fisher for a little back-and-forth about everyone’s favourite thug!


(photo via Noel Fisher on SeeMail)

TG: Okay, first things first, here’s one we’re all stuck on…. How old is Mickey?!?

NF: Ha! I love that this is the first question because I don’t have an answer for you. It’s actually something that has been joked about on set for a little while now because no one seems to know! My idea is that he is a few years older than Ian. I wouldn’t think more than three though but again, I’m totally making this up. What if he’s like sixty? Oh my God! Mickey Milkovich is actually Benjamin Button!


TG: Now that the season’s shooting is over, are the events of season three something that you – Noel – are happy to see happen with Ian & Mickey?


(photo via Emma Greenwell on Instagram)

NF: I have been blown away by this season’s story lines for EVERYONE including Mickey and Ian. It’s honestly going to be one really intense ride for everyone to see. When it comes to Ian and Mickey specifically I am very happy with what we got to do this season. You finally get to see what Mickey’s life is actually like and it gives some wonderful insight into why he is so messed up. Definitely a product of his environment. The mark, for me, of really good writing, is when BOTH characters are stretched and pushed to the limits of who they are and season three is going to bring you a LOT of that.


TG: Are you surprised at (and are you aware of) the positive reaction from the fans to what could be construed as quite a destructive and sometimes hurtful relationship between Mickey and Ian?

NF: I love how happy fans are with this often questionable relationship because I feel like that means we are doing our jobs right. Something I try very hard to do with any part I play (and especially the ‘intense’ ones) is to properly convey that person’s humanity. In other words, I try to show that person in a light that people can at least understand, even if they’re not going to agree with it.

Mickey has definitely been one of those characters. He is so wrapped up in his self-hate and denial that his heart only comes through every once in a while. There is something profoundly tragic and sad about Mickey in that regard and I can see how easily it would be to get wrapped up in trying to save someone like that.

I think the best way to describe being in love is that you are truly ‘seeing’ another person and I have done my best to give fans the opportunity to get to see Mickey…the real Mickey. Even if it’s just for a moment. He’s a person who is completely trapped by his secrets and I think everyone can relate to believing that they have to hide something from the world.

In terms of Ian, I think that he has a similar experience as the fans when it comes to Mickey. He can see this good person underneath everything else and wants to help bring that hidden person out. It’s a noble and lovely desire that can also become pretty self-destructive if you don’t respect your own boundaries when it comes to helping others. That’s a big part of growing up in my opinion. Finding out what those boundaries are and knowing how to protect yourself in those situations. Hard lessons that no one gets to avoid in life.


TG: How long does it take you to get Mickey’d up? And de-Mickey’d? What’s the process?

NF: Getting Milkovich’d is a pretty in depth process that takes at least an hour every morning. First the hair department literally paints my whole head of hair black with this special kind of make-up that won’t come off if I sweat or get wet at all. That usually takes around 40 minutes. I then head over to make-up who basically slaps a bunch of fake dirt on me and draws my knuckle tattoos on!


(photo via Cameron Monaghan on Instagram)

Getting de-Mickey’d is a whole process as well. The black hair stuff they use does NOT come off easily. I have to wash my hair with this special shampoo they give me three or four times and wear latex gloves or the black will stain my hands for quite a while!

TG: And while we’re on that topic, seeing as you truly have had every hair colour under the sun, we think you’re well equipped to tell us who has the most fun!

NF: I have tried quite a few colors haven’t I? I don’t mean to sound too cliché but…blonds. Blonds do have more fun!


TG: At @TeamGallavich we have the hashtag #songsforianandmickey where we find songs whose lyrics sum up Ian and Mickey’s relationship. What song do YOU think sums their relationship?

NF: Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes…totally kidding! The Xx – Infinity would be a good one.


TG: We like to consider J.Michael (Trautmann) a Team Gallavich friend! (See our little interview with him HERE ) How would you describe Mickey’s relationship with his brothers?

NF: I love J. Michael! He’s the perfect Milkovich addition. I think one of the main pillars of being a Milkovich is that idea that family comes before everything else. It’s what makes them such a force in the neighborhood. They’re basically a gang! It takes a LOT to get inside the protective circle of this family but once you’re in? They’d do anything for you. They’d fight, they’d kill, they’d die for you.


(photo via Noel Fisher on SeeMail)

NF: I really feel like that’s the kind of bond the Milkovich children share. They’ve all grown up in this totally insane situation and in order to survive it they’ve had to band together in a similar way to the Gallaghers…with a little more crazy mixed in. When Mickey needs some backup Iggy is always gonna be right there with a gat in hand…or a bat/machete/broad sword…you name it! They’ve got it all!


TG: Who is your favourite character and (if different) is there a character you most relate to, and why? 

NF: Oooh tough question. I really love all the characters on Shameless. I think the kids are just fantastic. Debbie (Emma Kenney) and Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) are both so talented and so much fun on this show it’s ridiculous. They have some great stuff in season three!


TG: Which has been your favourite Shameless episode to shoot so far?

NF: There are a TON of great episodes next season but I am going to go with episode six. A bunch of hard core craziness pops off in this episode that I can’t wait for everyone to see!


TG: We know from having met you that you’re a really nice guy (although perhaps hiding your inner psycho!). You do seem to have a large number of characters on your résumé with, shall we say, personality issues? ;) Particularly Danny in Red, Stuckey in L&O:SVU and, of course, Mickey. Are you particularly drawn to these types of roles?

NF: I have played some characters with ‘issues’ haven’t I? I keep checking my freezer just to make sure there aren’t any heads in it that I am not remembering. I love doing roles that I find challenging. That can be anything from someone like Mickey or Danny in Red to a total innocent like Cotton Top in Hatfields and McCoys. I feel like I have been really lucky in playing so many different characters in my career.

One thing I do really enjoy about playing darker roles is finding what makes them human can be a bit more challenging and I enjoy that process. People are going to like a good and honest character much easier than someone who shoots a dog in the face with a shotgun (Danny). That’s a pretty horrific and unforgivable thing to do. Delving into why this person would make a decision like that is really interesting to me.


TG: You seem to be able to cry on cue very well, or at least well up! We’ve seen it in a lot of your work (even your Emmy video!!) and that last scene in season two that where we see Mickey tear up is probably one of his most endearing moments. What gets you in the crying mood?

NF: I tend to use music when I need to get all messed up. Having some really beautiful songs on cue can do wonders for getting me in that kind of mood. I’ve had some very strange looks in audition waiting rooms sitting in a corner with my earphones in, on the verge of a break down. I feel bad for whoever is sitting next to me in moments like that!


TG: Last but definitely not least – can you sum up Shameless season three for us, in just five words?

NF: Pain and pleasure mix well!


And there you have it! Mickey in his “own” words! Many thanks to Noel  for sharing that with us and it sounds like season three is going to kick ass.

Is anyone else slightly nervous about what’s going to go down in episode six though? o_O

Hope you enjoyed!!

Em & Vic xxx

(Thanks to @Luvie_Lou for submitting questions too!)

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